My name is Darryl Lane, I am a mortgage associate with East Coast Mortgage Brokers with the Leslie Penney Team. I specialize in a variety of mortgage types; Purchase, Refinance, Transfers, and Commercial. I am a Paralegal by trade and spent several years in lending before making the transition and working as a Title Insurance Business Development Manager for 20+ years of my career.

During my tenure as a Title Insurance Business Development Manager, I worked closely with all banks, finance companies and law firms across Newfoundland and Labrador, and I am the only mortgage advisor in Newfoundland and Labrador with extensive knowledge in every process of a mortgage acquisition; the legal process, Title Insurance and lending side of mortgages. I am proud to say I am a certified True Colors Personality Assessment Trainor, as well as a facilitator of the Power of Persuasion.

During my career I exceeded targets, holding the top market share in Canada along with a highest level of customer satisfaction. This expertise has helped me to understand you as a customer and enhance the entire mortgage process from beginning to end, creating an overall excellent customer experience.


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