Deanne Whelan began with East Coast Mortgage Brokers in 2012, was the firm’s first female associate and has since purchased the ownership of the company. She is an intricate part of East Coast’s success as the largest firm in Newfoundland and winner of the top Canadian Brokerage. She brought with her a wealth of knowledge as she was a Senior Manager for two major finance companies for most of her 27- year career. Since beginning with us, she personally has been ranked as a top 20 Canadian mortgage broker (small market) for several years, is ranked as the highest Verico status of Chairman Club, has made the Canadian Brokers Hot List and has been featured as one of Canadian Mortgage Professional’s Women of Influence.  East Coast Mortgage Brokers team members have always prided themselves on contributing to our communities. Such things as Rotary Club, Ronald McDonald house, Make a Wish Foundation, Single Family Association, Center For Hope and many local sporting teams are just some of the beneficiaries that we value and contribute to on a regular basis.


Deanne has developed a team of assistants under the Team Whelan platform, so she can be accessible and helpful to even more people. By developing a strong team, they together can make the biggest difference to both clients and the industry. Knowledge and choice are powerful, and this power should be available to everyone. Her goal is to pass this on to as many people as possible.

Mortgage financing is not clear cut and not every client’s background is the same. While some clients are just looking for the best products and rates available to the market, others have bruised credit and need help to reach their goals. She has the knowledge, experience, and determination to ensure her clients attain the best deal the market has to offer. She prides herself on giving solid, educated advice so all her clients are paired with the best products for them and at the lowest rates. Her contributions in part have helped to make East Coast Mortgage Brokers the biggest and most respected firm in Newfoundland. She attributes her success to effective time management, being honest with her advice, taking time to listen to a client’s goals, knowing as much about the industry and related products as possible and applying her knowledge in a helpful, meaningful way. Her perseverance and developed skills have earned her the nick name of Financial Wizard

Deanne Whelan and her assistants Natasha Sutton and Tracy Kearley can be reached at or by calling (709)763-2099.

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