Trained & Dedicated Professionals

A mortgage broker is a trained professional dedicated to the mortgage business only. With access to many financial institutions, they are capable of choosing the mortgage solution that is best for your particular situation.

They do the shopping and negotiating on your behalf, rather than you having to spend your valuable time applying at several different lenders. As well, since each application you make affects your credit score, and a broker can use the same credit report for many lenders, the use of their services ensures your credit score is not jeopardized.

In contrast, banks can offer only one product solution: their own. So, whether it is the best deal for you or not, it is the deal you will get when you bring your business to such institutions.

The Best Product & Rate

While the interest rate is an important part of your home financing, there are many other factors that are equally important and which may save you in the long term. For example, you have no choice when it comes to terms and conditions when dealing with a bank. However, a mortgage broker can offer you both, the best product and the best rate, a winning combination for you.


Finally, a broker is flexible to meet with you at your convenience. They can also offer choice when it comes to insuring your mortgage through different insurers.

Best of all, our services are free to you, as we are paid by the lender, not by you. Connecting with us is easy and free, so it makes sense to find out what your options really are.